When AI and Cyber collide

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Cyber security is top of mind for nearly every business right now, and rightly so, it can often feel like we don’t go a week without hearing of yet another data breach or cyber-attack. Chances are this isn’t going to change anytime soon, but with the introduction of AI in cyber security we could be seeing a step change in the types of attacks occurring.


Having an AI powered cyber defence means your security system learns from the attacks it experiences across a wider network of organisations. It understands cyber criminal’s preferences for ransomware execution, typical vulnerabilities in systems and unusual patterns in behaviour. So even with cyber criminals constantly testing new ways to compromise an organisation or its customers, the AI system would develop to become swift enough and experienced enough to block it.


But like any cyber security system, an AI powered one can’t be seen as a silver bullet just yet!


The drawback is that AI is still in relative infancy, and for the moment has its weaknesses, making it easier for criminals to work around it, or even develop their own rudimentary AI systems. For instance chat bots, or other tools designed to imitate human behaviour, can be manipulated to gain access to websites or steal customer and account details.


In its nascent stage, machine learning is also a potential tool for hackers. Cyber criminals are already known to automate the activity they are doing, phishing emails are an example of this. With open source AI algorithms readily available and high performance cloud computing accessible for a relatively small fee there’s potential for cyber criminals to create their own ‘bad’ AI, bringing with it an untold wave of devastating cyber-attacks.


So is the age of AI vs AI upon us? Cyber criminals have long used readily available technology for their own gain, so it won’t be any surprise if we see the face off between cyber savvy AI machines gaining prominence in the coming years. It’s a concerning thought for anyone, but here’s hoping the AI heroes come out on top in that digital collision.


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