Chris Testa-O'Neill
Chris Testa-O'Neill
Data Scientist

Chris Testa-O'Neill lives in the Artificial Intelligence engineering team at Microsoft as a Data Scientist, working with a mix of AI technologies including Cognitive Services, Bots and Machine Learning. As well as engineering, he works closely with partners and customers to ensure that AI technologies are utilized efficiently within businesses process and takes feedback on product improvements that are implemented back into the products created by Microsoft.

Alongside his work at Microsoft. Chris is an experienced public speaker giving session on AI, Machine Learning and Data and Analytics across the globe.  In a former life, Chris has written a book on “Operationalising Business Intelligence Solutions” (Microsoft 2014) and created 4 successful E-Learning course on Programming, Administering, Developing and Building Business Intelligence Solution (Microsoft E-Learning. 2009, 2010).

In his spare time Chris is a mean guitarist and loves playing in bands, he also ponders the question that whilst Machine Learning can now generate music, can it truly capture the spirit of an artist when training their music into a Machine Learning model!