2019 Review

With another successful IP EXPO Manchester finished we're putting our heads down to make 2020 even better!

In the meantime, we've created this one-stop review from our 2019 event so you can relive all the fun from Manchester. Take a look at our 120+ industry leading vendors, 110+ expert led line-up and in-depth IT seminar programme. And don't forget to check out our 2019 highlights including the hands-on technical demo zone the 'Innovation Station'.

What happened at IP EXPO Manchester 2019?

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IP EXPO Manchester Highlights - Day 1

  • OPENING KEYNOTE: Christopher Wylie, ex-Cambridge Analytica employee turned whistleblower.  Wylie gave visitors the inside track on one of the most notorious data scandals to date and shared his insights on what governments, technology vendors and regulatory bodies should be doing to better protect personal data in the future.

  • Chris Testa-O’Neill of Microsoft demystified the capabilities and ethics of AI, and described the processes for integrating AI technologies into business solutions.

  • Dr Nicola Millard of BT discussed the digital reinvention of the workplace and how, in today’s society, employees and customers are connected by communication networks rather than face-to-face.

  • Steven Bryen of Amazon Web Services showcased how companies such as Hotels.com, Netflix and Tinder, are exploiting the latest machine learning technology to improve their products and services for customers.

  • Paul Fletcher of Sainsbury’s discussed the company’s digital transformation and shared the hard lessons he learnt from his and others’ experiences across a number of industries.

  • Lively panel discussion from Brad Brooks of OneLogin, Ian Pitfield of Netacea and Sophie France of Tessian forecasted the biggest cyber security trends and threats for the year ahead.

IP EXPO Manchester Highlights - Day 2

  • OPENING KEYNOTE: Scam expert Alexis Conran, best known for his appearance in the BBC’s Real Hustle. In his captivating keynote speech, took to the stage to engage the audience by using real life examples showcasing just how easy it is to be a victim of a scam - no matter how secure you believe you are. 

  • Digital skills evangelist, Dr Sue Black shared her fascinating tale of how she saved Bletchley Park, including insight into how technology and education can save lives

  • Ian Pattison of Google discussed the history of the cloud and forecasted future trends we are likely to see in the cloud market over the coming years.

  • Martin Hingley of ITCandor explained why leaving the EU in the way we are could present many opportunities and challenges for consumers and suppliers.

  • Jake Moore of ESET delved into his experience of hacking a police station, as part of an experiment to demonstrate what could be achieved if a targeted attack were to occur.

  • Neil Trevains of Cisco analysed the shift in consumer loyalty from brands to experience, and explained why we must embrace this ‘Perpetual Evolution’ in order to achieve exceptional customer experience.

2019 Manchester Presentation Slides


Graham Cluley - Unbelievable tales of cyber attack

Download the presentation here

Dr Sue Black - Did Twitter Save Bletchley Park?

Download the presentation here

Chris Testa-O'Neill - AI for All

Download the presentation here

Jake Moore - How To Hack A Police Station

Download the presentation here

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